Understanding The Challenges Of The MRT SSP Line

SSP Insights with Param Sivalingam

Hi, I’m Param Sivalingam, Project Director for the MRT SSP Line.

Welcome to our new blog series called SSP Insights with Param Sivalingam. Here we aim to communicate some of the key aspects of the MRT SSP Line to a larger audience.

We want to reach across to you to try and explain what we are doing and how we are doing it, as well as to share some of our experiences as we undertake a project of this size.

Throughout the MRT SSP Line project, we impact a lot of people across the whole span of the Klang Valley. It is important that we are able to explain some of the challenges we have faced over the last three years, from when we started this project up until now.

We have worked very hard to put together a team in order to work as one single unit with the same vision to deliver this project to meet the expectations of the project owner, shareholders and the public.

As you may know, the MRT SSP Line traverses through quite an urban environment, meaning we have a lot of touch points with many of you. We have gone to great lengths to ensure our engagements with the public and residents are done in a manner where we take into account their concerns and mitigate potential issues at an early stage to minimise public inconvenience.

This is a key change we have made for the MRT SSP Line and one in which we will continue to meet those expectations.

So, stay tuned over the coming months as we delve into some of the major talking points of the project and explain to you the innovations and solutions we have implemented in our attempts to ensure the smooth implementation and successful completion of the project.

Next month in Episode 1, we’ll be discussing the Importance of Meeting Deadlines.

Until next time,

Param Sivalingam

MRT SSP Line Project Director (Elevated) 

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