Stakeholder Management & Care

Managing projects that traverse tight urban landscapes require constant consultation and engagement with various stakeholders including the public at large to preserve the delicate balance between minimising disturbances incurred by construction while still ensuring successful project progress. MMC Gamuda’s approach stands distinctly apart as a pioneer in the industry with a dedicated stakeholder team whose primary scope of work is to engage and communicate with stakeholders. We believe by keeping stakeholders well-informed, we are able to better manage expectations and address potential concerns. With this, comes better support and buy-in when concerns arise.

It all boils down to the act of making a difference. It’s not rocket science, but simply a thought that translates into a series of actions. Our dedicated Stakeholder management team is ready to listen.

Our primary aims in stakeholder care are to:


Key Strategies

Dedicated Complaint Management System (CMS)

The construction of the KVMRT alignment unavoidably impacts various touchpoints and stakeholders. Thus to address any concerns, a 24-hour Hotline has been developed to receive, manage, track and resolve any issues from the public at large. The system, developed in 2012 is part of the MRT Hotline Call Centre and Malaysia’s first CMS within the construction industry.

MRT Information Centre (MIC)

The MRT Information Centre (MIC) is an open point of contact between the project and the general public as well as both government and education institutions which facilitates dissemination of important information about the project and its related works. Regular engagement sessions are held with stakeholders as part of a continuous effort to keep the public informed of the project progress. In addition, the MIC also serves as an important platform for both local and international knowledge transfer, playing host to visits and engagements with various professional bodies, commercial and governmental experts and organisations who come both to learn and share their experiences.

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