Successful Completion of the MRT Putrajaya Line Northern Elevated Section Superstructure

In spite of major project upheavals in this threshold year for the MRT Putrajaya Line project, i.e. cost reduction and a business model change from project delivery partner to turn key contractor, the MRT Putrajaya Line Elevated team came together with single-minded commitment to successfully deliver Phase 1 of the works.

Stretching from Sungai Buloh, through Jalan Kuala Selangor, Jalan Kepong and Jalan Ipoh towards the Kampung Batu station which marks the end of the Northern section, the alignment successfully traversed narrow corridors and wide highways over densely populated areas and heavy traffic, undeterred by the significant challenges and worksite constraints encountered.

View of the elevated viaduct along Jalan Kepong

It was no mean feat to maneuver our construction through these confined spaces, with tight curves along the corridor and limited working hours in effect. Elegantly effective solutions were called for to overcome these hurdles, achieved by holding fast to a combination of detailed & careful planning, immaculate & precise coordination as well as consistent communications with the authorities, work package contractors, suppliers and the general public. Here are just a few examples of how these important principles helped drive our progress forward:

Detailed & Careful Planning – V201 Long Span Crossing

V201 Long Span Crossing over Jalan Kuala Selangor

The longest span out of the 27 peppered along the alignment, the V201 viaduct crossing at Jalan Kuala Selangor not only stretched over 13 lanes (6 bounds), but faced the challenge of multiple infrastructure works being simultaneously in play nearby. What was called for was a well-thought-out construction strategy based on the suitability of site and ground conditions, supported by close coordination with other highway concessionaires via regular interface meetings to discuss issues and overlapping works. Meticulous planning and the experience to execute efficiently were key factors that allowed the team to pull through successfully.

Immaculate & Precise Coordination – V202 Viaduct Crossing Beneath the MRR2

V202 Long Span Crossing Beneath MRR2

As the alignment neared Kepong Sentral the V203 viaduct faced the looming obstacle of the Middle Ring Road 2 (MRR2), as crossing it raised raised major cost and time concerns. Despite having less than ideal circumstances (low headroom, tight working space, etc) to work with beneath the MRR2, after a careful deliberation of cost-benefit factors, the team employed an ingenuous combination of different construction techniques including Reverse Circulation Drilling (RCD) to complete viaduct construction for the crossing, safely. When you consider that this was achieved with minimal impact to the traffic flow above, the elegance of the solution becomes truly apparent.

Consistent Communications – V203 Viaduct Construction at Jalan Ipoh

View of Jalan Ipoh Station worksite at dusk

Viaduct construction along Jalan Ipoh, raised a unique challenge in particular, as the elevated superstructure transitions to a cut and cover section before the start of underground portion of the alignment at this location. Further complicating matters were the close proximity of residential, shops, schools, religious buildings, and other facilities as the transition had to run through the median of the road. A massive and comprehensive Traffic Management Plan (TMP) was drawn up and implemented after a detailed study of the potential impact of proposed traffic diversions, through conscientious communication with all stakeholders in the area at every step in the process.

Following a lengthy round of review by the relevant authorities and the project team, implementation of the TMP began, with the team actively managing communication between the public and the on-ground construction works to ensure traffic disruptions were minimised. The completion of this stretch is a true testament to the efficiency and effectiveness of the team’s communication strategy and operations.

Work locomotive preparing for TRIP works at Kepong Baru Station

The completion of the Northern elevated section superstructure marks a truly remarkable milestone achieved through the dedicated and tireless efforts of the MRT Putrajaya Line Elevated team.  Ensuring smooth construction required razor-sharp focus and a fierce attention to detail in the planning and implementation stages, as well as a dedicated workforce that adhered to all aspects of safety as well as efficiency during the work itself.

This strong spirit of teamwork and bond is an essential driving force that will continue to fuel  our efforts as we progress towards the next stage of the construction – Track Related Installation Programme (TRIP) for Phase 1 and ultimately towards completion of the superstructure for the Phase 2 (Southern and Putrajaya section) alignment. We are confident that the team has got what it takes to successfully bring this massive infrastructure project to completion.

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